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Closed: No Longer Accepting Submissions

PepsiCo Seeking: improved salt dissolution using dispersed salt to cause sodium reduction-Image of Salt in a wooden spoon

PepsiCo is looking for technologies providing improved salt dissolution by using dispersed salt. The goal of this practice is to identify “blue sky” ideas for sodium reduction in topical seasoning, and if found, identify potential collaborators to develop those ideas.

The strategy of reducing salt use level by increasing surface area of salt particles has been extensively investigated without great success in finding a practical and effective solution. Based on lessons learned, we would like to explore the approach where micro sized salt is dispersed into or coated on the surface of a fast-dissolving starch matrix.  While the dispersion might be at sub-micron level, the material particle size is at mm scale. The target technology is a (possibly spray dry type) process that produce such material.

Similar technologies have been used to disperse flavorings in beverages.  These improved salt dissolution technologies are within scope providing they can be applied to foods.

Solution Requirements


  • Food applicable in terms of regulatory and scale.
  • Compatibility with PepsiCo seasoning application process (powder, with acceptable physical properties such as flow and adhesion).
  • Salt dissolution method able to be used on (dry) foods.


  • Viable regarding cost.


Past work and “Banned” List

  • Pure salt crystals with small particle sizes; or agglomerated pure salt crystals.
  • Enhancers or modulators are not in scope.


Preferred Collaboration Type

PepsiCo is open to a range of collaboration types, but will be focusing on salt dissolution technologies that have reached at least pilot scale.

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