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A yet2 client is seeking new and emerging technologies, methods and processes that allow more effective management of dust (PM10) in three areas:

  • Measurement, modelling and prediction of dust throughout its lifecycle
  • Forcing the settlement of airborne dust at short distance and low wind speeds
  • Prevention of dust from becoming airborne



Solutions should:

  • Be able to effectively simulate, track, reduce or prevent airborne PM10
  • Be suitable for use in adverse conditions (e.g. remote and high temperatures)
  • Be implemented into industrial application within 2 – 5 years
  • Fit health and safety criteria


Possible Solution Areas:

  • Remote Sensing (e.g. Satellite imaging and LiDAR)
  • Prevention, containment and capture technologies (e.g. mechanical filtration and electrostatic)
  • Simulation of vegetation
  • Low cost sensor networks/IoT
  • Data analytics/Machine learning
  • Atmospheric forecasting and modelling


Desired outcome of the solution:

Looking for partners to develop solutions for implementation on industrial site.


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