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PepsiCo is seeking proof of principle to produce realistic 3D prints of snack products using mainly photogrammetry techniques. Potential exists to use other scanning techniques but must be able to produce most realistic full colour final product.


Transporting food products, in particular new snacks, around the globe is time consuming and difficult due to complex regulations.  The ability to photograph a prototype and print a 3D model is integral to PepsiCo sharing new product developments to their global locations.

Key Success Criteria


  • Vendor with current capabilities to run printing study in next 6 months
  • Photogrammetry capabilities (or equivalent alternative)
  • Capabilities to convert photos to 3D models
  • Full Colour printing capabilities (colour could be post printing if within process)
  • Minimum 0.5mm (or preferably even smaller) detailing printing capability
  • Print to at least as small as 1.5mm thickness


  • Previous work with modelling food textures
  • Minimum 0.25mm detailing capability
  • Print to 1mm thickness


Some Examples of 3D Models Are Shown Below

Approaches Not of Interest

ProJet 660pro printer of a Gypsum based composite held together with colour (CMYK and clear) binders unless can print to <0.5mm detail and <2mm thickness

Technologies that have been previously investigated would only have interest if a significant advancement has been made beyond PepsiCo’s knowledge.  Many of these technologies have been marked as “banned” because PepsiCo is familiar with them and/or has studied previously.

Preferred Collaboration Types

Initially, PepsiCo requires the solution as a service.  Following successful operation, collaboration types to be negotiated.

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