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A yet2 client is seeking a safe, low-cost process to incorporate powders into their products. They are open to new equipment and methods for powder processing, handling, and storage. Solutions that can mitigate issues associated with flammable dust and powders are also of high interest.


Powders can be incorporated into a wide range of products to enhance properties such as performance, fragrance, etc. However, these powders have very small particle sizes, which can create a fire hazard when dispersed in the air. Even traditionally non-flammable materials can burn or exploded when fine particles are suspended in the air at certain concentrations. Therefore, it is important to use powder processing and handling methods/equipment that reduce the concentration of powders in the air for a safe environment.


  • Low capital expenditure
  • Improves the safety of flammable powders in manufacturing processes
  • Meets ATEX and NFPA standards for flammable dust
  • Light-weight equipment (< 3 tons)
  • Able to work with high speed/high volume manufacturing processes
  • At a minimum, a pilot plant test validating the concept must be operational

Possible Solution Areas:

  • Powder handling equipment
  • Powder processing and manufacturing equipment
  • Processes to increase the safety of flammable dust/powders
  • Food/beverage manufacturing
  • Consumer product manufacturing

Desired outcome of the solution:

Seeking one or more partners to provide the solution to multiple manufacturing plants.

Field of use and intended applications:

Addition of specific filler powder into consumer products.

Previously attempted solutions:

Plough Shear Mixer process

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