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This organization is seeking innovations in ingredients, formulations, and products for sun care that provide a benefit over current formulations. Examples of such benefits and innovations could be improved SPF rating, cosmetic effects (moisturization, hyperpigmentation, antioxidant combinations, no “white-cast”, hero skin ingredients etc), or enhanced user experience.


Solutions should ideally have some of the following characteristics:

  • Organic certifications, or a pathway towards certification
  • Silicone-like experience
  • Any beneficial claims made must be backed by relevant data.
  • Breakthroughs in formulation using mineral or organic components are also in scope.


Possible Solution Areas

  • Ingredient or formulation innovations:
    • Use of booster ingredients to increase overall SPF rating.
    • Use of novel ingredients or unique combination of ingredients.
  • User experience innovations:
    • Mitigation of the white cast associated with current mineral products.
    • Achieving silicon-like feel while using organic formulations.
    • Hero skin ingredient combinations and formulations


Desired outcome of the solution

Technologies and/or partners with solutions at a later stage of development are of keen interest. Open to a variety of partnership avenues including supplier or licensing.

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