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A yet2 client is seeking natural ingredient solutions to achieve 30%+ sodium reduction in various complex food systems. Ingredient technologies of interest may be salty on their own or may enhance saltiness. Salty impact, or up-front saltiness, is a specific area of interest.

The technologies of interest must be applicable within food systems of varied moisture, fat, pH, and salt levels; they additionally should function when applied within a food product, not only on the surface



High levels of salt (sodium chloride) are associated with increased risk of high blood pressure, stroke, and heart disease. There is a growing need for innovative ingredients, processes, and technologies that can further reduce the amount of sodium required in food products to support healthier lifestyles while maintaining the same product quality and taste.



Solutions of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Novel salty-enhancing flavor or taste-active compounds or extracts
  • Physically modified salts, including NaCl
  • Debittered/cleaner non-sodium mineral salts (e.g., KCl)
  • Naturally salty plant/plant extracts


Must-have requirements:

  • Natural ingredients
  • No off-flavors
  • No impact to product appearance
  • Safe to consume
  • Scale-up/commercialization potential


Not of interest:

  • Sodium reduction for other functions (e.g., preservation, texture, leavening)
  • Synthetic/artificial ingredients with no future possibility of natural claims
  • Topical/surface application only


Desired outcome of the solution:

Open to a range of potential solutions including acquiring commercially available products or partnering to develop a novel technology


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Image by Jason Tuinstra on Unsplash

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