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Chocolate Bar—Confectionery Contract Manufacturers for Chocolate Bars and Blocks


A yet2 client seeks to identify confectionery contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) with the ability to produce and package molded chocolate block bars and enrobed chocolate bars.


yet2’s client is a global confectionery company seeking to build resilience and enhance their external manufacturing capabilities through improved product innovation and increased production scale.


Contract manufacturers:

  • Will have manufacturing capabilities in Europe
  • Demonstrable Quality and Food Safety culture
  • Will have a clear sustainability policy
  • Can currently produce or scale to produce blocks and bars at 3,000 – 5,000 tons per year
  • Can work with solid inclusions
  • Can work with liquid fillings, e.g., liquid caramel
  • Can work with fat fillings and/or nougat
  • Capability required across multiple allergen profiles; nut free manufacturing/able to handle gluten/able to handle peanuts


Desired outcome of the solution:

Identify a strategic partner to co-develop, manufacture, and package a wide range of chocolate confectionery products.

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Photo by Tetiana Bykovets on Unsplash

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