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A yet2 client is seeking novel nanomaterials, specifically for coolants and lubricants (including greases). Nanomaterials that improve coolant heat transfer and lubricant properties such as thermal stability, reduced friction, wear control, and extended oil life are of highest interest. The ideal solution will have performance data, as well as physical and thermal stability data available.


Nanomaterials have become an area of increasing research and commercial interest in recent years. At the nano-scale, these materials can exhibit different qualities and enhanced properties than in bulk. These nanomaterials can be used as additives to substances, such as coolants and lubricants, to deliver significant benefits at the macro-scale due to their unique properties and versatility at the nano-scale. yet2’s client would like to work with a nanomaterials solution provider to enhance the performance of coolants and lubricants (including greases).


The most relevant nanomaterials will:

  • Be stable in their own carrier fluid
  • Improve heat transfer properties of coolants and lubricants
  • Reduce friction of lubricants
  • Enhance wear control of lubricants
  • Extend lubricant life
  • Not pose a health, safety, or environmental risk
  • Well-documented evidence for each performance claim

Only non-confidential information is requested. Please do not share confidential information.

Possible Solution Areas:

  • Commercially available nanomaterials or nanomaterials that will be commercially available within 2-3 years for coolants and lubricants
  • Commercially available nanomaterials used in large-scale applications (similar to coolants and lubricants) such that the nanomaterial could be easily adapted for use in coolants and lubricants (including greases)

Desired outcome of the solution:

Identification of several potential nanomaterial providers for the yet2 client

Field of use and intended applications:

Coolants and lubricants (including greases)

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