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Washing machine in a minimal laundry room interior design

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yet2’s client is seeking innovative laundry “unit dose” product formats that improve the consumer experience in the laundry care market. Laundry unit dose in this context means single-use, pre-measured cleansing agents that can be placed directly into the washing machine drum for the purpose of cleaning dirty clothes. The client is interested in any potential innovations within laundry unit dose formats, for example:

  • New types of capsules/pods (liquid detergent encapsulated within a dissolvable membrane), tablets (dissolvable solid units of cleansing agent), sheets (dissolvable sheets of cleansing agent), etc
  • New materials & additives
  • New types of packaging for the individual product
  • Any other innovations that improve the consumer experience

Stage of Development

Our client is predominantly interested in technologies and solutions which are of sufficient maturity that prototypes or samples might be obtained. However, very early-stage ideas where this would not be possible (e.g., ideas only at a concept stage, requiring significant product development) will still be considered if they are sufficiently innovative.

Possible Solution Areas:

  • Other home care applications, such as dishwashing
  • Medicines
  • Food and beverage
  • Any other applications which use a single pre-measured product for consumer use

Field of use and intended applications:
Consumer laundry

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