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This project is no longer open for submissions.


We’re seeking new imager technologies that will yield significantly better low-light sensitivity and dynamic range than the state-of-art smaller pixel size.


Vehicles are requiring increasing levels of performance from cameras, with a need for better vision in low-light conditions (night-time) and dynamic range. Visibility in poor lighting conditions for rear view cameras and surround view systems is required for safe operation. Often these features require increased sensor size or increased costs, when space is restricted. We are seeking new imaging technologies that can improve on the performance of currently used imagers while not increasing the size or computing power needed to process images.


  • Better than 10% improvement on performance of existing imagers
  • Low or no incremental costs when compared with existing imager technologies
  • Solution must not increase size of camera
  • Solutions must provide SNR1 or SNR10 measurements
  • No significant increase in latency

Possible solution areas:

  • Quantum dot imagers
  • Black silicon or new silicon processes
  • Graphene
  • Innovative read out or image integration technologies

Desired outcome of the solution:

A new imager capable of incorporation into a vehicle that can perform better than existing solutions in low-light conditions.

Field of use and intended applications:

Vehicle industry.

Previously attempted solutions:

The company has attempted using complex post-processing to combine multiple images however the added latency and cost can be unacceptable.

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