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This organization is seeking technologies and/or partners to pump a liquid through a pipe with max. diameter 6.7 mm and a pressure of 150 mbar. The pump will be remotely controlled and need to operate at 37.5 °C, a pH range between 4-9 and have a flow through rate close to 400 mL/min.


The pump technology will be used for a biological application and will therefore be placed inside a body for up to 30 days. This means the pump technology will eventually need to achieve a regulatory status of a class II medical device, therefore companies with experience making components for medical devices are of higher interest (or preferred).

Please see Schematic Diagram Below


Possible Solution Areas

  • Positive displacement pump technologies
  • Micropumps
  • Medical device pumps e.g. insulin pump
  • Kinetic pump technologies
  • Magnetic activation pumps


Desired outcome of the solution

Technologies and/or partners with solutions at any development stage are of interest. Open to a variety of partnership avenues including co-development, supplier, etc.

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