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Pepsico Seeking: Biodegradable coatings/adhesives for PHA films-Image of stretched clear sheeting with a blue glue bottle icon centered

PepsiCo is seeking bio-based/biodegradable coating and adhesive solutions for flexible PHA films used in food packaging to achieve our sustainability goals of 100% recyclable, compostable, biodegradable, or reusable (RCBR compliant) materials and 20% greenhouse gas emission (GHG) reduction by 2030.

Solution Requirements


  • The adhesive, primer coating, or over-print varnish (OPV) should be at the least industrially compostable, preferably tested successfully for home compostability
  • Laminating adhesive should have good adhesion to metal and ink (bond strength of > 50 gf/inch)
  • Adhesive should be water-based, preferably solvent-less, and applicable on a flexo line. Solvent-based adhesive solutions are less preferable.
  • Primer coatings are preferably water-based, but solvent-based solutions are acceptable. Need to be functional coatings for anchoring metal or provide enhanced barrier. Coatings should be applicable on our films by roll coating processes.
  • OPV should be applicable on the gravure printing line and can be water- or solvent-based


  • Bio-based materials
  • Solvent-free coating technologies
  • Matte OPVs
  • Compost compatible inks


Past Work and Out of Scope List

  • Familiar with nano-cellulose, but recent advances are welcome


Preferred Collaboration Types

PepsiCo is open to a range of collaboration types, but proof of concept is required.


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Photo Credit: Adhesive by Adrian Adam from NounProject.com

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