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Minority-Owned Suppliers in Beauty and Personal Care-Image of a Black woman with natural hair in a three quarter portrait shot looking into the camera with hand raised holding an orange

A yet2 client is interested in forging new partnerships with North America-based, minority-owned, potential suppliers (Black, Hispanic, and/or women) to develop and enhance an ecosystem of contract manufacturer organizations (CMOs) in the beauty and personal care industry. These companies should be currently ISO 22716 certified, additional 3rd party certified, or have willingness and capability to be certified. Other ecosystem relevant categories of diverse minority-owned companies are also of interest including beauty and personal care ingredient suppliers, packaging providers, marketing/advertising, and consumer insight.


  • Preference will be given to ISO 22716 certified (or in the process of being certified) over being willing to pursue certification

Possible Solution Areas

  • Suppliers to minority-owned beauty brands
  • Members of other minority-focused organizations
  • Minority-owned B2B beauty businesses


Desired Outcome of the Solution

Looking for minority-owned companies who are willing to be interviewed as potential ecosystem suppliers for our client.


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