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This process is technically and economically feasible and being practiced by several Indian rice bran oil refineries.

Technology Benefits Summary

Differentiation & Uniqueness: Environmentally much more benign compared to the existing commercial processes as this process requires less water and release less liquid effluent

Application & Potential Advantages

Pre-treatment of rice bran oil for making it amenable for physical refining by reducing phosphorus levels to 0 to 5 ppm after enzymatic de-gumming, bleaching and de-waxing.

Development Stage & Development Status Summary

  • 50 tonnes processed per day
  • Demonstrated to 19 industries and 8 project engineering companies

Intellectual Property (if any) Please give Patent Summary:

  • Indian Patent No.229300 (2006)
  • US Patent No. 7494676 (2009)
  • Vietnam Patent No. 1-0008605 (2010)
  • China Patent No. CN100347278 C (2007)
  • Japan Patent Application No. 2004-510360 dt. 25/11/2004
  • Indonesia Patent Application No. WO0200402321

Technical Details:

  • Less Water: About 40-50% less water compared to other de-gumming methods
  • Less liquid effluent compared to other de-gumming methods
  • More Oil Recovery: 0.6 to 1.5% in case of physical refinery 2 to 3 folds more recovery in case of chemical refinery
  • More Fatty Acid: 0.3 to 0.6% additional fatty acid recovery
  • Better Quality Oil: established new processing capacity of 200 kilotons worth $8,815,800,000.00
  • Value Addition to By-Products:
    • High value lyso lecithin
    • Better quality wax

Process created: 10/21/2004

Collaboration Description, Terms & Restrictions & Seller Support (technical / training / documentation etc.)

Design , engineering, plant, and machinery
(Complete project shall be supported)

Desired Mode of Technology Offer

Technology (Know-how) Transfer

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