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yet2 client seeks technologies to measure body water content in order to prevent heatstroke or monitor recovery from heatstroke.


Water represents over 50% of the human body by weight, but moisture dynamics and its effects are not yet fully understood.  For example, in the medical field, invasive examinations (e.g. blood sampling) or skin turgor tests are usually used to understand and monitor dehydration.  Several research papers discuss the effect of excessive water or dehydration. However, few studies focus on mild dehydration and its effect on the human body.  Now, this company is seeking technologies to measure 2% of total body water loss (NOT 2% of the total body weight loss) or less (i.e. around several hundred grams).  We are also looking for algorithms to predict heatstroke and monitor recovery from it, which may or may not be relevant to body water loss.


  • Detect at least 2% of total body water loss.
  • Solution does not need to be wearable.
  • Early stage technologies are in the scope.
  • Minimally invasive solutions are in the scope.
  • For heatstroke prediction and recovery monitoring, the algorithm should be validated.

Possible solution areas:

Sensors, Medical devices

Desired outcome of the solution:

Preference for continuous monitoring capabilities.

Desired Timeframe:

Within 12 months

Field of use and intended applications:

Monitoring of general consumers

Previously attempted solutions:




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