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Syngenta is looking to collaborate with suppliers, researchers, universities, and R&D partners across industries – e.g. pharma, cosmetics, consumer healthcare – that have access to novel seaweed species, extracts or their byproducts. A large number of seaweed species are present in the world, their different biochemical composition makes them very attractive in different biotechnological applications. Research has shown that seaweed’s chemical profiles are not comparable to other biological sources (e.g. microbials, plant extracts, fine chemicals), while offering renewable sourcing and environmentally friendly ingredients.

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Closing date: September 30, 2024

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Shoots by Syngenta

Shoots by SyngentaTM is an invitation to the world’s brightest minds – a call for people to come together and tackle some of the world’s most complex agricultural challenges: for nature, farmers and food security.

It’s this kind of responsive network that we’re building at Syngenta, bringing together individuals and organizations with a shared goal: to feed the world while protecting the planet.

No single organization can tackle this alone, so help us accelerate agricultural innovation through collaboration.

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