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yet2 client is seeking novel formats for facial cleansing to be introduced in China including new packaging and delivery forms, such as portability and textures (foams, semi-solids, gels, etc.) and approaches that foam quicker than 30 seconds, in each case that maintain the existing benefits of current facial cleansers and are easily explainable through social media advertising.


This client has a professional skincare line with a young userbase who gained awareness of the product through word of mouth and social media. Their products are associated with playfulness as well as effectiveness. Our client is seeking to launch a product quickly and wants to know areas that could be perceived by customers as a ‘breakthrough’. They are seeking to innovate on their face wash product in either the delivery system or product form with a possibility for reformulation. Solutions should be novel and interesting, but physicians and scientific backing are at the core of their business.


Solutions MUST

  • Maintain existing benefits of current facial cleansers
  • Have benefits easily explainable through social media advertising
  • Include improved packaging and delivery formats
  • Be non-comedogenic, safe for sensitive skin and contain no synthetic ingredients/dyes or surfactants
  • Be backed by scientific data or partnership

Other nice to have features include

  • Improved portability
  • Compatibility with a variety of textures
  • Fast foaming (preferably without requiring added water)
  • Manufacturing sites in the U.S.
  • Sustainable or environmentally-friendly

Possible Solution Areas

  • Packaging
  • Formulation
  • Other cutting-edge technologies.


Desired outcome of the solution

Client is seeking to launch a product as soon as possible, and/or find future ‘”breakthrough solutions.”

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