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A yet2 client is seeking solid state power amplifiers (SSPA) capable of high power output for radar systems. Solutions need a single or combined chip power output in the hundreds of kilowatts range, and should also have high efficiency, operate in the Ka-band frequency, and have a wide bandwidth.


High power radar signals are needed to detect and track distant objects with high resolution. Traveling wave tube (TWT) amplifiers are commonly used today for high powered radar amplification as they can operate in the 100 Kw range. However, these amplifiers have restricted use based on lifetime and operational environment limitations. Emerging SSPA technologies offer an economical solution where TWT technology falls short due to their longer lifetime, smaller size, and lower cost.


SSPA solutions requirements include:

  • Individual chip power output at least 10’s-100’s of Watts
  • Frequency of operation up to and including Ka-Band
  • Bandwidth minimum of 4 GHz (10s of GHz desired)
  • Capable of being combined to yield either multi-chip modules or a single extremely high-power amplifier on the order of >100kW
  • Capable of sourcing RF output power continuously (rather than pulsed operation)
  • High linearity (phase and amplitude) across the band of operation


Additional desired parameters include:

  • High power added efficiency of >70%
  • Low voltage operation ≤120V
  • Fail-safe operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Minimally intensive operating conditions and operating temperature within -40° to 85°C


Possible Solution Areas:

  • GaN SSPA architectures
  • Novel SSPA technology
  • Improved TWT technology (longer life-time, easier manufacturing, more robust)
  • Academia, industry, or government projects or advancements in SSPA power output


Desired outcome of the solution:

Looking for long-term partners who are developing or capable of developing high power SSPA technology.


Field of use and intended applications:

Radar signal amplification

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