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yet2 is supporting a global materials, chemicals, and sustainable technologies company in their search for technologies and companies that represent step-change innovations in battery materials recycling. This client is interested in a range of partnering opportunities in the battery materials recycling space, with particular interest in innovations and innovators involved in the recycling of (1) cathode and cell manufacturing scrap, and (2) end-of-life batteries.

Recycling Processes and Technologies of Interest

Innovations of interest for this search are step-change and disruptive technologies associated with the following recycling steps and processes:

  • Materials/metal separation and delamination
  • Cathode binder (PVDF and other) removal
  • Direct cathode recycling
  • Electrode material extraction
  • Refining electrode material to battery grade materials
  • Integration of black mass refining within base metal refining and cathode manufacturing operations
  • Battery materials precursor production from recycled feedstock

In addition to companies already operating in the battery materials recycling space, our client is also interested in recycling technologies being used in adjacent spaces that have a demonstrated potential to be applied in battery materials recycling.

Know of a Relevant Technology and Company?

If you would like to submit an innovative technology and associated company to be considered by our client for partnership, please contact Daniel Soltan at yet2 (dsoltan@yet2.com). Please include with your submission the following notes:

  • Brief description of the innovative technology
  • Specific value proposition(s) of the technology
  • Name and brief description of the associated company
  • Current development stage of the technology
  • Current partnerships and memberships in recycling ecosystems
  • Intellectual Property (e.g. patents and patent applications) associated with the technology

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