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Anisotropic Conductive Film (ACF) has proven its reliability in years of display applications. Now Dexerials is releasing ACF in epoxy or acrylic resins that are especially suited to fine-pitch and low-temperature bonding, and that offer reliable connections able to handle high-speed transmissions of over 20Gbps (10GHz ) with low data loss (return loss), such as transmissions used in 5G communications. ACF is a heat-settable adhesive film made up of homogenous conductive particles arranged in such a way that they are conductive across film thickness but insulate along the plane of the film. It can replace solder bonding and mechanical (ZIF) connectors, contains no lead, and is well-suited to materials with low heat resistance such as PET/PEN, or to ceramics that may be slightly uneven. ACF also be can used for connecting flexible printed circuits (FPC) to glass. Versions of the film heat-bond at temperatures between 110–200°C in a matter of seconds Replacing connectors with ACF can help miniaturize products.

The new materials make low-profile high-speed connections even slimmer and more cost-effective. ACF conducts, insulates, and adheres in one material. This makes it ideal for automated assembly methods.

Novel conductive material for ultra-thin sensors



Novel conductive/adhesive material for ultra-thin sensors & devices


Novel conductive material for devices


Anisotropic Conductive Film (ACF) in epoxy or acrylic resins


New application areas include sensors —which often require an interconnection with glass and ceramic substrates — printable electronics, which often utilize plastic housings and other parts, wearables, electronic keys, smart homes, and in automotive, aviation, and marine lighting applications such as those connecting to OLEDs. ACF offers high-speed transmission and miniaturization, which is expected to be an integral part of tags, IC cards, medical devices, and IoT (Internet of Things), all of which may require 5G cellular communications speeds. Assembly options include Flex-on-Board, Flex-on-Chip for CCD and CMOS applications, interconnections between flexible printed circuits (FPC) and PCBs, semiconductor packaging with Chip-on-Board, and RFID and similar applications using Chip-on-Film.



Technology Type




Technology Benefits Summary

  • Dexerials’ ACF offers conductivity, insulation, and adhesion in the same material.
  • Bonds fine-pitch terminals simultaneously and securely, using heat and pressure.
  • No soldering, no lead, no ZIF socket — extra-low profile.
  • Able to handle high-speed transmission (10GHz/20Gbps) suitable for 5G communications.
  • Low-temperature assembly, fast bond.
  • Adhesion between 100–200°C (depending on which ACF is selected).
  • Good candidate for automated assembly methods.
  • Wide variety of applications beyond traditional ACF bonding for display industry.

Technology Benefits ACF for epoxy


Dexerials’ Anisotropic Conductive Film (ACF) offers conductivity, insulation, and adhesion in the same material. ACF bonds multiple terminals simultaneously using heat and pressure, without soldering and without a ZIF socket. This cost-reducing material leads to lower-profile connections able to handle high-speed transmissions (10GHz or 20Gbps), suitable for 5G communications. The material is designed for fine-pitch connections, low-temperature assembly, and fast bond. Adhesion is at 100–200°C (depending on which ACF is selected). The excellent and rapid adhesion, fine pitch, low-temperature assembly, and high-speed transmission capability make Dexerials’ ACF a good candidate for automated assembly methods that further reduce costs.

Technology Differentiation and Uniqueness

Dexerials’ Anisotropic Conductive Film (ACF) offers conductivity, insulation, and adhesion in the same material. Its low-temperature, fast-bonding is compatible even with PET/PEN films, and slightly uneven substrates such as ceramics.

The fine-pitch conductivity still offers high current capacity of 5A/mm2 and transmission speeds of 10GHz/20Gbps, making it compatible with 5G communications.

The material is low-cost, replaces ZIF sockets and soldering, and contains no lead.


Replacement for connectors

Replacement for solder-bonding

High-speed (high-frequency) communications devices

  • Applications that require high transmission speed: over 10Ghz or 20Gpbs
  • Replacement for mechanical connectors or ZIF connectors


  • Sensors that must be connected to glass, or to ceramic substrates that often may have uneven surfaces.

Printable electronics

  • Substrates such as plastic housings
  • Wearable devices

Medical, healthcare, life-science applications

  • Electrosurgical knives, endoscopic imagers, medical packaging (to trace medication/ingestion)
  • Wearable devices such as shirts, watches, shoes, etc.
  • Disposable devices such as biochips (for example, Lab-on-a-Chip, Organs-on-a-Chip)

Consumer products (for example, diaper sensor)


  • BLE (Bluetooth low-energy) tags for use with child or elderly monitoring

Electrical key

  • For automotive use or smart homes

Peripherals relevant to Thudervolt3 (transmission speeds of 40Gbps)

Other consumables

Development Status Summary

Dexerials has long experience in producing ACF. This new material is in mass production and full commercialization.


Specific Patent Information

None disclosed.


Related Competency

Dexerials Corporation specializes in the manufacturing and sales of electronics parts, adhesive materials, optical materials, the manufacturing of magnetic devices, etc. The company name of Sony Chemical & Information Device Corporation was changed to Dexerials Corporation on September 28, 2012.


Long Description

ACF in epoxy or acrylic resins that are especially suited to fine-pitch and low-temperature bondin



ACF for smart phones


ACF for ADAS Cameras



ACF for smartcards





Type of Collaboration Sought

for sale


Collaboration Description

Dexerials seeks new customers and new applications for its advanced ACF materials.


Terms and Restrictions

No military applications; Dexerials will not sell into conflict areas.

Purchase only (no technical licenses)

No other restrictions on your developed applications.





third party


Available Technical Assistance

Dexerials offers one-stop solution from optimizing PWB and FPC design to ensuring reliability.

  • Circuit layout design (FPC & PCB)
  • Select optimum ACF item
  • Advice on bonding equipment
  • Help sample build
  • Check reliability tests/qualification

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