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This project is no longer open for submissions.


Background to conducting technical exploration:

When constructing an offshore wind farm, it is necessary to conduct a geophysical ground survey known as boring exploration or CPT (Cone Penetration Test). The CPT can be conducted using a “Vessel-based” solution to drill or analyze the ground from the shipboard or a “Seafloor-based” solution which installs large scale exploration equipment on the sea floor. We are looking for a technology consisting of a Vessel-based solution.


Guidelines/constraints for the desired solution:

  • Specifications required for products and technologies
  • Solutions using “Vessel-based” CPT. We do not need to deal only with improvement of existing methods, but also with newly developed technologies for investigation.


Given Condition

  • The depth of water is from 15m to 60m and the depth of mining (extraction) is up to 100 m
  • Mining (extraction) in a water area with a depth of 15 m or less where a large ship cannot enter
  • The place of implementation is on the Pacific Ocean
  • Geotechnical survey for gravity base offshore wind farm


Currently recognized issues

  • CPT is difficult to apply for hard bedrock / ground
  • Both ship and equipment are large-scale and costly
  • Because we mine or bore directly from the equipment installed on board, we are vulnerable to shake from wave (rolling and/or pitching)
  • Existing technologies cannot withstand significant waves higher than 1.5 m and the cycle of 7 seconds or longer.
  • A large ship cannot enter depths of 15 m or less and “Vessel-based” solutions cannot be used, while small ships are vulnerable to the above-mentioned disturbances.
  • Other
  • Technology under development and under research are also acceptable.
  • Although it is not a target only with ideas/concepts, it is acceptable if the technology under development at universities etc. is at the stage right before demonstration.


Possible solution areas:

  • Offshore wind power development, oil field development, resource exploration, bridge construction at the sea (marine civil engineering) etc.


Desired outcome of the solution:

  • Ground survey from shipboard using boring / CPT
  • If possible, it is possible to conduct ground survey even in environments where the significant wave height is 1.5 m or above and the cycle time is 7 seconds or longer.
  • It is possible to conduct ground survey even at depth of water from 15 m to 60 m and/also preferably at depths of water of 15 m or less
  • The depth of the mining (extraction) is up to 100 m

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