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The organisation is seeking partners with capabilities and experience relevant for all aspects of app development and their environments, including store design, deployment, server backbones, authentication and data security, test environments, and SDKs and APIs. Relevant partners will have experience in aspects beyond simple app creation and should provide insight into best practices and methodologies.


  • The systems that apps will interface with are highly complex with a high level of modularity and sub-systems within systems
  • Partners must have experience with third-party data access architectures required for app platforms.
  • All code and IP rights that result from a partnership will be fully owned by the organization
  • Knowledge of safety critical software considerations is a plus


Possible Solution Areas:

Relevant industries that may have analogous levels of complexity include:

  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Aerospace
  • Maritime transport
  • Any sufficiently-large software system


Desired outcome of the solution:

Identification of partners with demonstrable experience in the above criteria and a willingness to partner to impart their wisdom and recommended ways of working to the organization.

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