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BHP is a leading global resources company. They extract and process minerals, oil and gas through assets operated in Australia, North America and South America. Access to and effective management of water is critical to operate the business. BHP is exposed to a broad spectrum of water-related risks. The BHP Water Stewardship Strategy includes technology and innovation focus to leverage solutions to drive a step change in risk profile.



BHP business is diversified by commodity and markets. Diversification also extends to geology, geography and climate which contribute to range of water related risks. BHP is interested in exploring technology and innovation in the following areas of opportunity:

  • Water treatment: treatment of multiple types of water qualities with variable chemistry and range of volumes (small to significant) that include metals, radioactive constituents, acidity, alkalinity, salinity, solids. The complex water qualities that result from rock, water and climatic influences require treatment and waste management technologies.
  • Water recovery/ efficiency: recovering fresh water from large scale evaporation pans and reducing reliance on fresh water resources. The cost of water is also increasing in some areas (local water scarcity) along with the growing pressure on surrounding water resources as a result of population growth and climate



  • Existing, emerging, new concept, capability to partner/ develop solutions
  • Opportunities from inside and outside the resources sector, including but not limited to water/chemical companies, researchers, start-ups


Desired outcome:

Develop and de-risk practical, affordable water treatment and recovery solutions.




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