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A yet2 client is seeking novel products and ingredients that boost immunity. The solution must be commercially available for the non-prescription, over-the-counter (OTC) market. In addition to ingredients that boost immunity, there is high interest in novel supplement formats. Products that that tend towards natural ingredients, flavors, colors, etc. are strongly preferred.



  • Must be a commercially available product (not prototype or research stage)
  • Must target a wide audience
  • Product must be partially or completely consumable. Durable or digital products are not within scope.
  • Product or ingredient must be available over the counter (i.e. does not require a prescription).


Possible Solution Areas:

  • Ingredients that boost or improve immunity
    • Novel immunity-boosting ingredients
    • Improved or alternative delivery of Vitamin C
    • Botanicals and non-traditional/non-Western ingredients
  • Formats that increase sensorial experience
    • Gummy-like formats
    • Mix-ins
    • Ready-to-drink formats (must be shelf-stable, not refrigerated)
  • Formats that increase user compliance and convenience
    • Functional food
    • Meal replacement products


Desired outcome of the solution:

Partnership in which the solution provider can benefit from a large partner for marketing and distribution.


Field of use and intended applications:

  • Consumer healthcare
  • Dietary supplements

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