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PepsiCo seeks high intensity sweet proteins (e.g., Brazzein, Monellin, Thaumatin) that are stable in low pH environments and during thermal treatments in ready to drink, shelf stable beverage applications.


The area of sugar reduction continues to be of high interest to PepsiCo and the search for novel sweeteners and technologies to reformulate, grow, and protect core brands by achieving consumer acceptance in a costeffective manner.

Key Success Criteria

Beverages Application:

Must Haves

  • Safe for consumption, safety data available for toxicology effects
  • Water soluble
  • Acceptable taste profile
  • Stable in low pH (2.7-3.2) beverage at ambient temperature for 6-9 months (Stable to light, heat, no sedimentation, or phase separation, no or minimal impact on flavor/taste of finished beverage during shelf life)
  • Stable after thermal process (Hot Fill: 200-205F for 33 seconds; Tunnel: 160-165F for 10min; Aseptic: 280F for 4 sec). At a minimum compatible with cold fill preserved process.
  • Ingredient shelf-life minimum 6 months required.
  • Path to regulatory approval in the US, Canada, and/or Europe
  • Acceptable cost in use (cost index)
  • Ingredient name is consumer friendly and resonates “natural” source.
  • Ingredient labeling resonates “natural” source.



  • GRAS or FEMA
  • Ingredient shelf-life 12 months or more


Possible Approaches

  • Proof of concept study in surface modification of commercially available sweet proteins via complex formation, encapsulation, enzymatic treatments to address stability challenges associated with sweet proteins.
  • Breakthrough ingredients that have significant advancement beyond PepsiCo’s knowledge.
  • Cross category leverage is encouraged if it fits beverage application.
  • Any sweet protein with no allergen issues.


Approaches Not of Interest

  • Technologies/solutions that PepsiCo is familiar with and/or has previously studied for e.g., blends of different sweeteners and modulators.


Preferred Collaboration Types

  • PepsiCo is open to a range of collaboration types.


Additional Information

Resources available when collaborating with PepsiCo:

  • Funding: Project co-work funding is dependent on proof of concept. Preference will be given to an integrated team that has all the capabilities needed to develop the model.
  • Expertise: SME consult on ingredient application in PepsiCo beverage model.
  • Technologies: Test under Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)


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