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[Leer en español] Seeking: LATAM Fruit Juice, Honey & Syrup Industrial dehydration Technologies-Fruit and Juice arranged on a table yet2’s client is seeking organizations offering industrial toll manufacturing services in Ecuador, Colombia, or Peru with capabilities to dehydrate fruit juices, honey, or syrups into a powder/granulate form.


Organizations must:

  • Have experience dehydrating fruit juices, syrups, or honey
  • Offer industrial toll manufacturing services to customers
  • Have relevant food grade quality certification


Ideally, organizations will:

  • Have pilot facilities for trials
  • Have infrastructure for cold or frozen storage
  • Be located in a free-trade zone


Possible Solution Areas

  • Vacuum belt drying
  • Spray drying
  • Drum drying
  • Freeze drying
  • Refractive window drying
  • Other drying methods


Desired Outcome of the Solution

Seeking industrial partners that offer dehydration services.


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Photo Credit: Zlatko Đurić on Unsplash

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