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Energy Reduction for Ice Cream Cabinets Image of a magnum bar and a glass topped cooler with a unilever logo

Unilever is looking for next generation energy reduction technologies for ice cream cabinets. They’re one of the largest ice cream manufacturers in the world, with over a billion smiles delivered every year in over 40 countries. Every day, millions of consumers choose Unilever’s products from the frozen cabinets in the local baker, at a beach kiosk, or in a convenience store. These frozen cabinets keep our ice cream perfect for consumption, but also represent the largest part of our greenhouse gas footprint, due the energy required to maintain ice cream frozen at -18oC. We are looking for solutions to lower the energy use per cabinet while maintaining the required ice cream quality.

Description & Key Features

We are looking for cost-effective solutions to reduce the energy consumption in ice cream frozen cabinets – horizontal, vertical, and scooping models are all in scope.

Example of areas of interest where we are seeking solutions include:

  • Sub-challenge 1.1: Improvements to energy use in vapour compression refrigeration systems and low-carbon alternatives to vapour compression
  • Sub-challenge 1.2: Insulation materials for body of frozen cabinet
  • Sub-challenge 1.3: Insulation films for transparent cabinet lid
  • Sub-challenge 1.4: any other cost-effective solutions that can contribute to reduce the energy consumption in ice cream frozen cabinets

Desired Outcome

Unilever is open to a range of collaboration types however proof of concept is required, and preference is given to energy reduction technologies that have moved towards commercialization.


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Photo Credit: Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

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