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Probiotic Lysates for Skin Care Applications to improve microbiome-Image of rod shaped gram negative bacteria

A yet2 client seeks providers of probiotic lysates, or processed probiotics, that are effective in positively altering the microbiome of skin (hand, body, underarms, scalp).


Probiotics are live microorganisms that claim to have health benefits by altering the microbiome. However, the use of live microorganisms has certain drawbacks such as instability at ambient temperatures, interaction with preservatives and cost. Therefore, yet2 is looking for dead/inactive bacteria which retain the beneficial components of probiotics on the microbiome – often referred to as lysates.


  • Stable in neutral formulations approximately pH 5-8.
  • Compatible with typical skin care preservatives.
  • Must have data to show effects on microbiome (e.g., underarm malodor, anti-dandruff, barrier improvement, and hydration)
  • Must not have been tested on animals.
  • Not interested in postbiotics (metabolites from probiotic activity).


Desired Outcome of the Solution

Supply agreement with supplier able to meet demand for mass production of probiotic lysates or processed probiotics. Client is also open to nascent technologies that may not currently be at mass production.

Field of Use and Intended Applications

Hand, face, body, scalp, and underarm skin care products


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