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Seeking: Companies to Carry Out Shelf Life Studies for Food Products.-Image of condiments and other food products on a grocery store shelf

A yet2 client is seeking a partner to conduct shelf life studies and build a predictive model for the shelf life of their food products. The model should be built to predict shelf life based on product type, environmental conditions, and packaging material (material type, gauge, etc.).


Partners must:

  • Have access to a sensory panel with food experience (preferably internally but can be through a partner)
  • Be able to perform analysis such as GCMS, rheology and moisture content
  • Be able to perform these tests and analysis independently of the client.
  • Have capacity to run multiple tests (potentially several dozen) simultaneously or in a short timeframe.
  • Be able to run tests for durations up to 2 years.
  • Have facilities to control environmental parameters including oxygen concentration, relative humidity, and temperature.
  • Be able to re-pack the delivered product in flexible packaging with different barrier parameters to evaluate the impact of the barrier characteristics on the shelf-life.
  • Be able to store test samples under controlled conditions and reference samples deep frozen.

Ideally a partner would:

  • Be able to design shelf life studies that produce sufficient data without excessive testing.
  • Draw reasonable conclusions based on the results.


Service providers in Europe are a priority for this search and the client is open on the profile of organizations including commercial, research institutes, and academic organizations.

Possible Solution Areas

  • Food & Beverage
  • Sensory research
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Data Analysis


Desired Outcome of the Solution

Production of a predictive model that can be used to predict shelf life of food.


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