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Energy storage systems are expected to play an active role in various fields such as post-FIT (Feed-in Tariff) support and BCP (Business Continuity Planning).  However, current costs are too expensive keep these systems from being widely accepted.  There is a strong need for cost reduction of power storage systems.


In order to solve the problems described above, a yet2 client is seeking technologies that contribute to lower costs of PCS (Power Conditioning System) in power storage systems that will be compatible with separately procured storage batteries.


The following is a prerequisite.

  • Output: Three-phase, three-wire AC202V (50 / 60Hz)

We are interested in home use with a rated power of about 5 kW, and industrial use with a power output of about 50 kW, and power output values in between.  Specifically, we are looking for PCS technologies that can handle power of the 10 kW to 15 kW range. However, we will consider proposals for a 5kW or 50kW power system.

  • Storage battery: Designated storage battery (Specific storage batteries (LiB) are procured by us.)

We expect various ideas that can reduce the cost of the PCS in the above “Schematic diagram of the power storage system” such as a system that can reduce the number of converters, etc. . Technology or product proposals should compare their solution to the existing system in the schematic diagram, indicating how/what would change.

Requirements for effects and results

  • Technologies to reduce the system cost (We are especially interested in technologies around DC/AC converters and battery management system that can contribute to cost reduction.)


  • PCS-related companies
  • Companies that own technologies around DC/AC converter, BMS, EMS, and any other proprietary technologies that can reduce cost

Development Status

Commercialized or can be commercialized by the end of 2020

Other comments

  • A system which is easily demonstrated with minor system customization is desirable. However, we will consider solutions that take more time or effort to implement if the improvement is substantial.
  • We will consider joint development depending on the stage of development of the proposed solutions.


  1. We are seeking the following business relationships: We procure your competitive edge components; PCS, BMS, EMS, etc., assemble a power storage system, and develop our business.
  2. We act as a distributor in Japan for your complete energy storage system.

Company Information:

  • Region: Japan
  • Years in Business: More Than10 years
  • Annual Revenue: More Than $500 Million
  • Company Type: Infrastructure related company

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