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NASA is seeking a comprehensive training, scheduling, and resource management system. The software must be able to manage training records, complex evaluations, allocate facilities and resources, and automate certification tracking. The tool should have an intuitive user interface and seamless compatibility with Microsoft Office (especially Outlook) is a key requirement.


NASA has a variety of users that use the same tool to go through training to become certified including students, instructors, flight controllers and astronauts. NASA’s software incorporates training, learning and resource management systems that work together to track records and certifications for said users.


The ideal solution would include the following features:

  • Training record management with version management
  • Management of the curriculum for various courses/events
  • Resource management with conflict detection for both physical and human resources
  • Automated certification tracking and management
  • Permission management
  • Management of short & long-term scheduling, planning & forecasting (scheduling 24/7/365 operations, up to 24 months in advance)
  • Customizable templates to evaluate student performance based on pre-determined criteria for mastering event completion
  • Ability to generate customizable reports in order slice data and export the date, preferably Excel or PDF
  • Interface with Microsoft Office 365 (specifically with Outlook)
  • Metrics on facility utilizations
  • Support at least 3000 users
  • Easy and intuitive user interface
  • Minimal server storage
  • Capable of handling data migration from current system


Field of use and intended applications

Training and scheduling management for astronaut crew and flight controllers. Facility utilization and training content management for the successful execution of as astronaut crew and flight controllers training.

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