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A yet2 client is seeking to expand their existing research and collaboration network for hair and keratin expertise. They are already familiar with many research groups working directly on hair, so are also interested in finding expertise from relevant adjacent fields. Research experience and capabilities related to proteins and lipids that can be translated into practical hair care solutions are of highest interest.


Over recent years, various rich and deep collaborations have diminished due to a number of factors. Our client now wishes to make an overview of key global players in hair and keratin related research to make new engagements with potential future collaborators with partners from academic, research-related, and commercial organisations.


Potential partners must:

  • Have demonstrated expertise in hair and keratin related research
  • Have a willingness to work with industry
  • Have access to equipment, personnel, and infrastructure

Target applications include (but are not limited to):

  • Penetration – reactions in situ, dying/coloration, stiffening/softening
  • Damage – chemical damage, bleaching, durability, fatigue, breakage, measurement of damage, S-S bonds, redox of cysteine, proteomics, fiber swelling, surface damage
  • Fiber Array Properties – shape
  • Fiber Surface Characteristics – lipid distribution
  • Standard Measurements
  • Fiber Measurements – hair/wool/textile/natural fibers, particularly mechanical measurements
  • Other – hair lipid distribution, deposition, evaluation methods

Desired outcome of the search:

Establish who the key external institutes are in areas of science relevant to hair fiber. Move toward partnership with key players.

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