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A yet2 client is seeking Internet of Things (IoT) kitchen appliances and/or solutions for the smart kitchen that enhance consumer experience.


The world is being connected through devices. The IoT has created new opportunities where consumers are increasingly getting used to being connected, even with their kitchen appliances. In the future, all white appliances will be connected to smart phones and other devices. Smart packaging will also play a role interacting in this space. All these experiences will drive brand and product preferences.


  • Potential to be embraced by mass consumption is of interest.


Possible Solution Areas

  • Smart packaging
  • Smart appliances
  • Open source IoT platforms for the kitchen


Desired Outcome of the Solution

Looking for IoT kitchen solutions, at any development stage, that enhance consumer experience in terms of convenience, cooking, taste, reducing food waste (by guaranteeing correct food portions), etc.

Field of Use and Intended Applications

Identification of different avenues to increase consumer experience in the kitchen.

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