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yet2’s client is seeking advances in topical skincare products and technologies to improve, complement and provide further differentiation in their product line. Novel technologies and skincare products in the areas of patches and/or masks (e.g., sheet, gel, liquid) that drive superior performance in anti-aging, acne, sun care, body care, and wellness are of particular interest.

Possible Solution Areas include (but are not limited to):

  • Increased delivery of actives and/or concentration loading
  • Faster onset of benefits or longer-lasting benefits
  • Technologies that enable personalization of the product or experience
  • New capabilities related to delayed-release delivery of actives to skin
  • Actives or products for improved performance or unmet needs, esp. depuffing the eye area, alleviating dark circles, improving dark spots
  • Technologies that give a novel sensorial experience
  • Color changing materials


Stage of development required:

Technologies should be at a later stage of development.


Technologies that are out of scope:

Actives or devices that are not approved for topical use.



Related TechNeeds:

Seeking: Acne and skin inflammation treatments

Seeking: Minority-owned suppliers in beauty and personal care

Seeking: Probiotic lysates for skin care applications

Seeeking: Multi-functional preservatives for personal care


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