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Pepsi Seeking: Tech for Light Weighting of Hot-Fill PET bottles: Image of an empty PET Pepsi bottle on it's side cap facing the camera with the pepsi logo visible and an angular patch of light extending from top left to bottom right of the image

PepsiCo is seeking material or technology solutions to allow for significant lightweighting of hot-fill polyethylene tetraphyte (PET) bottles without sacrificing performance.

Solution Requirements


  • Properties
    • Weight savings of 15% or more for hot fill bottle without compromising bottle performance and with 50% or more use of recycled recycled polyethylene tetraphyte (rPET)
    • Clear, colorless
    • Recyclable
    • FDA beverage contact approved
  • Packaging Forms
    • Monolayer or multi-layer PET bottle
  • Usage Occasion – Final package format should be commercially scalable hot fill beverage programs, at comparable production speeds, while meeting current specifications
  • Organoleptic Properties – No adverse effect to product (appearance, taste, flavor)
  • Capabilities
    • Pilot Capabilities with the ability to create physical samples from concept creation
    • Commercial Capabilities – Larger scale manufacturing outlook. If vendor doesn’t have commercial capabilities, a plan on how to scale up commercial is also acceptable
  • Durability & Handling
    • Packaging should be able to withstand the manufacturing process, warehousing, and distribution
  • Performance Requirement
    • Lightweighted hot fill containers should meet existing packaging requirements without compromise
    • Should perform well in storage at elevated temperature and humidity


  • Low to moderate capital investment

Preferred Collaboration Types

Collaboration types are to be negotiated and PepsiCo will consider solutions from early-stage ideas to commercially ready technologies.


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Photo Credit: Aryas Thapa from Pixabay

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