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A yet2 client is seeking water-soluble and biodegradable material solutions for the primary packaging of personal care products, in an effort to reduce waste and promote sustainability, while providing the consumer a seamless product use experience.

Solutions must…

  • Rapidly and fully dissolve in both hot and cold water, while being stable throughout the transport and shelf-life stages of the product lifecycle
  • Not create additional waste, not require recycling, nor cause contamination
  • Be printed upon for labeling and branding purposes


This client is seeking solutions that are market-ready, or close, for high volume material supply. A more complete list of requirements, constraints, and objectives are listed below.


  • Needs to quickly and successfully dissolve (minimal or no observable trace) in consumer use conditions (cold and hot water)
  • Must not contaminate water with harmful compounds
  • Needs to withstand the temperatures and conditions experienced by the product during production and as finished goods in the transportation and shelf-life phases of the product life cycle (additional details can be discussed)
  • No cosmetic issues with film material during total shelf life (yellowing, degradation, faded printing, etc.)
  • Anti-fungus properties, or compatibility with the client’s current anti-fungus approaches, may be important for quality compliance


Packaging Considerations

  • Needs to allow for “full printing” to incorporate brand, variant, communication, bar code, ingredients and other information needed for placement in stores
  • Needs to replace the primary paper and plastic packaging currently used for this particular product line (additional details can be discussed)
  • Needs to allow units to be packed together, without adhering to each other and other contact surfaces, like store shelves.


Processing Considerations

  • Will ideally fit into the client’s current manufacturing/packaging processes with minimal disruption and little additional process development
  • Coefficient of friction between 1.5 and 2.0 to be compatible with processing equipment
  • Minimal disruption and additional development to manufacturing/packaging processes, and maintain a manufacturing rate of at least 500 units per minute


Business/Supply Chain Considerations

The client is seeking material supply, rather than contract packaging or manufacturing services.

Solution must be available…

  • With capability to ramp up to high volume
  • With reliable quality
  • From a sustainable source and trusted region(s)



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