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A yet2 client is seeking technologies that can be used in activewear to regulate temperature and improve the comfort levels of the user through rapid heating and cooling. The technology should have the ability to cool the user during intense exercise and warm the user when stationary/doing less rigorous exercise.


Technologies should:

  • Ideally offer a cooling effect when the user is active and a warming effect when the user is stationary or cooling down.
  • Extend time at maximum and minimum temperature limits of a user wearing a garment.
  • Can be integrated into different garment types.
  • Be robust e.g. withstand a minimum of five washes
  • Be lightweight
  • Affordable cost relative to garment
  • Have reached proof-of-concept stage at a minimum

Potential Solution Areas:

  • Responsive or active materials
  • Treatments
  • Coatings
  • Lightweight electronics
  • Next-generation textile materials
  • Embedded technologies

Desired outcome of the solution:

Seeking partners with technologies to develop further with a view to integrate into products.


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