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Our client is seeking novel energy storage and generation technologies for use in different types of vehicles. These technologies should be able to operate in extreme environments (By their nature, or with appropriate protective measures in place).


With the ever-increasing uptake of electric vehicles, for both consumer and industrial use, comes the demand for higher quality energy generation and storage technologies.

Our client wants to utilize electric vehicles for use in extreme conditions that can use a lot of power to operate, so they need high efficiency methods of energy storage and generation. Your technology should be able to operate independently on a vehicle and appropriate for use in extreme environments (ie. primarily low temperatures, high pressure, and high corrosion potential).

We are interested in reviewing any technology that would allow for high-density energy storage or energy generation in these extreme environments, and we are also interested in reviewing associated technologies e.g. battery management.


  • Towards 24h of operation
  • High peak discharge power
  • Ideally rechargeable
  • Compatible with extreme environment (temperature, corrosion, pressure etc.)
  • Suitable for Electric Vehicles / Large appliances/ Micro-grids / High power tools
  • Stage of development: from late-research level (advanced prototype stage) to commercially available


Possible Solution Areas:

latest Li-ion battery advancements, flow batteries, Solid Oxide Fuel-Cell, flywheel, supercapacitors, BMS, thermoelectric generation.

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