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A yet2 client is seeking state of the art technologies in the field of frozen food. Technologies should have reached at least the proof-of-concept stage to enable moving into production in the next several years.


The quality of frozen food is affected by many factors. These include upstream conditions (e.g. selection of raw materials, seasonal conditions, processing, etc.), the actual freezing process (e.g. speed of freezing, use of cold air and/or liquid nitrogen, etc.), as well as downstream conditions (e.g. transportation, distribution, home freezer environments, etc.). This client is focused on the entire spectrum of innovation in the frozen food industry.


Solutions must:

  • Either be relevant next-generation freezing technologies, or optimization of upstream food processing to prepare them for freezing
  • Have validation data for one or more food products
  • Reduce damage to food
  • Provide step-change improvement in quality and/or shelf-life of frozen food
  • Have relevant IP filings

Additional desirable features include:

  • Validation in an industrial setting or at least moving beyond lab-scale experimentation
  • Reduced environmental impact

Solution types exclude:

  • Resulting end products that are unappealing to consumers in appearance, texture, flavor, and/or freshness/shelf-life
  • Supply chain and/or distribution technologies that would typically be handled by third parties

Desired outcome of the solution:

Looking to implement practical solutions in the next 1-5 years.

Field of use and intended applications:

Target applications include (but are not limited to) improving the appearance, nutrition, flavor, and freshness/shelf-life of consumer-facing frozen food products.

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