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NASA is seeking space-ready lasers & detectors suitable for lidar applications with low size and weight, and efficient power consumption.


NASA wishes to identify lasers and detectors suitable for spaceflight to develop a CubeSat LiDAR instrument. Preference is given for components that are designed for or proven in a spaceflight environment, or manufacturers with experience manufacturing components for spaceflight. Solutions that have reduced volume, weight, cost, and efficient power consumption will be of most interest.


  • Pulsed, 532nm laser
  • Compact formfactor (1-2U volume for the laser is ideal)
  • Designed with spaceflight in mind, undergone spaceflight preliminary qualification or spaceflight ready


Desired Outcome of the Solution

Identification of a space-ready, compact laser and detector that matches the specifications above.

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Photo by Erfan Afshari on Unsplash

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