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Vehicles with front-end cooling packages, including radiators, air conditioners, and oil coolers, use fans to increase airflow when the vehicle is stopped or moving slowly.

However, at high vehicle speeds, these fans impede airflow rather than enhance it.

We are looking for novel fan technology that operates as required at low vehicle speeds, and that has low flow restriction at high vehicle speeds.


The cooling fans in conventional front-end cooling systems are axial in design and electrically powered. These fans are effective up to 70kph (~43mph), but exhibit significant air flow losses in the “overblown region” (built-in resistance) when above that speed due to the fan hub and blades.

Some novel alternative should eliminate these losses.


Typical metrics for a radiator package:

    • Dimensions: 638mm x 435mm x 16mm
    • Charge air cooler: 661mm x 317mm x 30mm
    • Condenser: 623mm x 397mm x 12mm

Possible solution areas:

“Feathering” blades adapted from aircraft technologies.
Fan blades that bend back in response to frontal airflow.
Hub-less fans.
Technological alternatives to fans.

Desired Outcome:

Enhanced air flow at high vehicle speeds.

Desired Timeframe: Within 12 months

Annual Revenue: More Than $500 Million

Company Type: Commercial (Publicly Held)

Field of Use and Intended Application: Vehicle industry.

Licensing Terms:

The listing client (the TechNeed author) has agreed to pay any yet2.com success fees should a deal result from introductions to this TechNeed.


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