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The organization wants to find a method of tracking packaging components through a production line to discover where and how external factors impact the final packaging product. These factors may include but are not limited to: Physical forces that the packaging may undergo on the production line, how the packaging reacts to acceleration and deceleration, and the location and movement of the packaging.


  • The solution should not alter the external shape of the packaging.
  • The solution should not cause significant changes to the weight of the packaging.
  • The solution should be agnostic to the shape, size, weight and material of the packaging as it will be used to monitor the journey of multiple packaging components.
  • The solution should provide real-time feedback of data for analysis.

Possible Technology Solution Areas:

Potential approaches may include technologies that are in development or commercially available that can track one of, or a combination of, physical force, acceleration/deceleration, location and movement of the packaging.

These solutions areas may include:

  • Optical/Visual sensing
  • Smart materials
  • MEMS technology
  • Printed electronics

Desired outcome of the solution:

The incorporation of a technology that allows for the tracking of packaging components and the forces it undergoes on a production line.

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