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A yet2 client is seeking organizations (including but not limited to academic research groups, service providers, and contract research organizations) with novel fermentation technologies and/or technical competencies, who they could potentially partner with to support the development of next generation fungal strains – of particular interest is the food and beverage space and groups within it with expertise in food/protein chemistry, novel food formulation, and fungal strain development.


Precision fermentation is a rapidly expanding technology space with applications across many industries, most notably food and beverage. Fermentation offers a more sustainable, traceable, and reliable source of highly tailored ingredients, including
proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. There is a key need to identify underserved market requirements which requires the collaboration amongst food scientists, microbial strain developers, and those with existing technical infrastructure.


Organizations/groups are to be based in North America, Europe, or Israel.

Desired outcome of the solution

Identify a strategic partner to co-develop novel food/beverage ingredients.

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Photo by Damir Omerović on Unsplash

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