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To prevent deterioration of power transmission towers and communication towers (“towers”), TEPCO Power Grid Co., Ltd. applies a protective paint. Due to damage from ultraviolet rays and salt air, the towers must be periodically inspected and repainted. To reduce the cost of maintenance and the frequency of repainting, TEPCO is seeking coatings with greater service life than the paint currently used. The target lifetime is approximately 100 years, but coatings with an expected service life longer than the currently used paint are also in scope.

Requirements for the paint/coating

Greater durability than the currently used paint

Characteristics used for evaluation

  • Expected lifetime
  • Durability testing to recognized standards, including
    • Accelerated weathering test data
    • Heat cycle test data
    • Impact resistance test data
    • UV durability test data
    • Humidity resistance test data
    • Cyclic corrosion test data
  • Preference for established use with power transmission towers or similar structures.
  • Preference for products that can be applied by brush, rather than spray coating


Stage of Development

Solutions should be commercially available, or expected to be commercialized within one year.

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