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This new DuPont technology provides a material based on a phenanthroline derivative that is an excellent transport layer useful in OLEDs and in other electronics such as organic TFTs, organic photovoltaics, and organic transistors. Unlike other transport layer materials that require vacuum deposition, this material can be deposited by vacuum and also is soluble. Solubility allows its use in printed organic electronics. Printed electronics hold out the promise of dramatically reduced manufacturing costs.

Benefits Summary

  • Suitable for vacuum deposition, but also soluble, and so suitable for printed OLEDs and other organic electronics.
  • Printed organic electronics offer less expensive materials cost because of lower waste, and lower production costs.
  • The DuPont material is suitable for multi-pass printing. more

Development Summary

The technology has been developed to lab-scale, but there is no known reason why production could not be scaled up. The material is suitable for multi-pass printing, but some research may be needed to assure that previously printed layers are not disturbed by the solvents of layers printed later. DuPont also has tested the material as a printed emissive layer.

IP Summary

This technology is supported by 1 US patent. more

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