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A multibillion-dollar global food & beverage manufacturer is seeking new and unique fermentation and bio-conversion process engineering in the following 2 directions:

  • Direction 1: for improving taste, aroma, and texture in non-alcoholic beverage application
  • Direction 2: for converting plant-derived waste into added value ingredients for food and beverage application


Traditionally there are a lot of fermented foods and alcohols such as cheese, yogurt, wine etc. which are familiar to many people around the world. However, the use of fermentation technology is still limited to certain areas. We aspire to develop better taste, aroma, and texture in the juice, carbonated soft drink, coffee and tea category by fermentation and bio-conversion process.

Also, various bio-conversion technologies have been developed in the biofuel/bioenergy industry although we are seeking technology which can convert plant-derived waste (especially coffee, tea, barley and fruit) into added value ingredients.

Key Success Criteria


  • Microorganisms and enzymes safely used in food and beverage industry
  • Non/Limited-alcohol production


  • Commercially ready solution


Possible Approaches

  • All approaches that are applicable to food and beverage industry
  • Possible to combine with other ways of processing


Approaches NOT of Interest

  • GMO microorganisms


Preferred Collaboration Types

  • We are open to various types of partnership from academia/start-ups to commercially ready solutions


Preferred Documents to be Submitted

  • Overview of company/university
  • Executive summary of the technology (1-2 PPT slide(s))
  • Scientific article
  • Patent

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