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We are seeking a novel e-motor winding technology with a high degree of automation.


E-Motor winding process is a bottle neck in electric motor production due to the nature of its semi-automatic process. Copper wire has to be electrical insulated against adjacent copper wires and stator/rotor magnetic sheet metal. Both insulation layers – insulating paper and insulating lacquer – are additional production processes causing additional cost, additional thermal resistances causing poor thermal heat transfer and are limiting operational limits (e.g. <180°C for standard lacquer). It would therefore be advantageous to eliminate this process.

Additionally, the shape of the Copper wire affects the filling degree of copper inside stator/rotor notch, and thus should be optimized for high filling degree.


·         Robust, fast and cheap winding process/technology

·         Low assembly forces

·         High copper filling degree due to optimized wire shape (e.g. octagonal shaped cross section)

·         Functional integration of stator/rotor cooling especially inside stator/rotor notch

·         Operational temperature limit up to 400°C

·         Ampacity up to 500Arms (stretch limit 800Arms)

·         Cost neutral to existing technology

Possible solution areas

All approaches considered

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