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This organization is seeking at-home blood sample/testing that provide information about a user’s health/wellness.


In order to provide health and wellness insights and personalize nutrition products, this organization is interested in non-medical professional blood-based testing.  The focus of this search is on both the blood tests/devices as well as blood sampling methodologies.  Ideally the blood test would provide unique health insights or blood test results in a much quicker/more convenient manner.  While, blood sampling methodologies should reduce the amount of pain/complication typically associated with the procedure.


  • Open to all stages of development, including medical devices/testing that have the potential to be applicable to a non-medical professional user in the future
  • Strong scientific rationale for any biomarkers tested
  • At-home or non-medical professional blood sampling with instant test results or the user sends the sample to a lab


Possible Solution Areas:

  • Dried blood spot or finger prick test
  • Less invasive/painful blood sampling methodologies/devices
  • At-home tests or devices
  • At-home blood sampling with the sample mailed to a lab


Desired outcome of the solution:

Looking for partners to make the technology.

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