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We are seeking reliable and cost-effective methods for increasing lifetime of casting molds. Typical High vacuum die casting tooling H13 lasts approximately 90,000 shots, and can be less even less for high silicon aluminum alloys such as Aural 2.


The H13 tool steel is subjected to a thermal fatigue due to the hot and cold of the casting process. Aluminum chemically attacks the tool steel (aluminum has a high affinity for iron). Heat Checking, Erosion Wear, Die Soldering and Corrosion/Oxidation all present additional challenges for tools. The tooling is expensive and the lead times are long. If the tooling lasted longer it would reduce the overall cost of the castings.


  • Better than current 90,000 shots, with a goal of 240,000 shots.
  • No diminished surface quality (aka. heat checking, etc.)
  • Overall cost should be less than cost reduction of the improved die life time.

 Possible solution areas:

  • Die Technology
  • Die Coatings
  • Lubes
  • New Tool Steels

Desired outcome of the solution:

A method for increasing the lifetime of casting mold tools.

Field of use and intended applications:


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