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Hydrogen Rendering


A yet2 client is seeking next-generation technologies that can be used to improve the production of Green Hydrogen (hydrogen created by the splitting of water) at industrial scale.


Hydrogen is increasingly being used in a range of applications (such as aerospace, commercial vehicles, shipping, manufacturing) as a viable energy source to replace traditional fossil fuels.

As the global demand for hydrogen accelerates, there is a need to be able to efficiently produce hydrogen in ever-increasing quantities. Moreover, in order to be carbon neutral, this hydrogen should be produced in the cleanest possible way, which is via the splitting of water using renewable energy sources.

Solutions will:

  • Produce Hydrogen from splitting water.
  • Use renewable energy
  • Solutions than can show capability to be scaled up for commercial production (500MW+) are desirable


Possible improvement areas:

  • Technologies that improve the utilization of lower quality water sources eg. seawater
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Reduced CAPEX
  • Simplified design


Possible Solution Areas:

  • Improvements in individual components within Green Hydrogen Production
  • Can include advancements in:
    • Electrolysis (e.g. Alkaline, PEM, AEM, Molten Carbonate, SOEC)
    • Photolysis
    • Thermolysis
    • Hybridization of the above technologies


Desired outcome of the solution:

Identification of opportunities for future development and partnership.


Related Tech Needs:


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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